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March 12, 2008         Posted by Web Dreams         0 Comments

Rainbow Majesty


JUNIPER SUTTON's fiance died two years ago in the Middle East war. Since that time she has taken care of her mother, who had Alzheimers. Now, at her mother's funeral, she is disgusted because family friend Mike Rollins was named executor of the estate, and he wants to marry her. She has no idea what she is going to do with the rest of her life, or whether she'll ever love again. Then, out of the blue, comes the letter from an aunt in Colorado she didn't know existed, asking her to come to Majestic Mountain and run the gift shop at the Rainbow Majestic Lodge.

MIKE ROLLINS promised Margaret Sutton he would take care of her only daughter for the rest of his life. He assures himself Juniper will come around to accepting his marriage proposal sooner or later. But he doesn't know what she's thinking when she makes arrangements to fly to Colorado Springs the week after her mother's funeral.

WES ANDREWS is an ex-Marine war veteran turned vegetarian/monk, working as groundskeeper and chauffeur at the Rainbow Majestic. His good looks and mild manner cause women to fall all over him, yet he just can't seem to make a commitment to any one of them. He'd like to get to know Juniper better, though... but on his terms.

DRAKE PHILLIPS loves the mountains and its wild elements. As maintenance man at the Rainbow Majestic, he sees what goes on and he knows Gena has a crush on him. But he knows better than to get involved, until Rosalee's niece from Kansas shows up and he is suddenly faced with a cosmic past.

GENA SUTTON HOWARD likes being in charge of the lodge. She knows that if she works hard enough, her stepmother may one day leave her the lodge she feels she deserves. A troubled past and a guilty conscience bring up her insecurities when she meets her first cousin. Inner conflict arises with her psychic gift because of what she sees in Juniper's aura.

AUNT ROSALEE bought the Majestic Mountain Lodge with her husband Fred Sutton before he died, and now it has become her dream manifestation, a light and healing center known as the Rainbow Majestic. She is delighted that her husband's niece has arrived all the way from Kansas to manage the gift shop. She has something to tell Juniper, but the time isn't right... there is too much at stake.

CLOVER WOLFF enjoys giving massages at the Rainbow Majestic and cares a lot less for having to clean rooms, yet she's determined to win the heart of Wes Andrews... if only she can get him into bed with her.

TAFFY KINCAID, the resident graphologist at the lodge, bounces around minding everyone else's business but her own... to her detriment.

STARLA STREBER is writing a channeled book and gives awakenings at the Rainbow Majestic Lodge. Her goth past is evidenced in her purple eyeshadow, black fingernails and nonjudgmental attitude.

CYRIL JORGENSEN thrives on conversation surrounding the topics of his many published works. Juniper can't figure out why the elderly gentleman gets flustered every time she mentions her father's name.

CELESTE BIRDWELL, the angelic queen of the Rainbow Majestic, keeps close to Cyril Jorgensen's side, especially when she's lost her cane. Laughter is the healing vibration of the universe, she is convinced.

LANCE LEACHFIELD and his lookalike wife, NADINE, are home schooling their little boy, MAX, who likes nothing better than to explore the secret passageways and tunnels in the old, forbidden section of the lodge.

VLADIMIR PETROVSKY, the ladykiller ufologist from Russia, bases his success at conferences on the women he charms. Juniper considers herself immune, but is appalled at the reactions in Wes and Drake.


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