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The Mystery at Hickory Hill
by Ann Carol Ulrich

Posted on August 21, 2009 by Web Dreams

A GUNSHOT REVERBERATED in the air at the same time a bullet sprayed dirt up from the ground just in front of Annette. Glancing up, she saw Paulo Volivar sitting on his horse at the edge of the cliff ...


While visiting a ranch in the Cochetopa Hills of Colorado, Annette and her best friend, Penny, get more than they bargained for when their new friend, Mandy, leads them on horseback into forbidden territory.
A missing professor, a suspicious yellow envelope, and a mysterious old mountain man are the ingredients for mystery, adventure and a spark of romance, in this '60s era introduction to the Annette Vetter mystery series.

About the Series:

There are many people who contributed to the culmination of the final version of The Mystery at Hickory Hill. My younger siblings, Paul, Laurie and Alice, were probably the first ones to listen to the story when I wrote the original manuscript at age 15. I used to read my original stories out loud to my younger brother and sisters. They were my first audience, and their attentiveness and interest motivated me to pursue my writing as the book went into different revisions over the years.

The last incarnation took place 35 years later, after I rediscovered the manuscript which I had tucked away and, more or less, forgotten. Originally, Hickory Hill was in Texas, but it seemed more interesting to place the locale in the Cochetopa Hills of western Colorado -- one of my favorite places in the West -- and so I changed the setting.

My teen-age friends were an inspiration to me, and their personalities are reflected in the characters of the series. Annette, of course, is the girl I always wanted to be -- bold, rational, and grounded-- but mostly a girl who had the privilege of growing up in the country.

It may seem odd that the first book of the series takes place so far away from "home." The books that follow are situated in Wisconsin, Annette's and my native state. At one time, I wanted to "modernize" Annette by making her more contemporary, but I decided the '60s time period was important in many respects, and it gives the reader a flavorful serving of that era. So much was different back then, yet so much has remained the same.

I wish to thank the many teachers throughout the span of my educational years, who encouraged me and acknowledged my gift of imagination. My parents were also supporters of my writing, and so were the members of the first Writers Club I belonged to, in Monona, Wisconsin, who allowed a youngster such as I to be a part of them.

ISBN 0-944851-25-8 August 2006
YOUNG ADULT FICTION -- Mystery Retail $9.95

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