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Rainbow Majesty


A letter, followed by a phone call, from an aunt she didn't know existed, beckons Juniper Sutton to a resort in a remote part of Colorado. Hoping to seek answers to her father's death 22 years prior, and wanting to escape feeling cornered by a relationship she doesn't want, Juniper accepts the invitation and leaves Kansas for the Rocky Mountains.

Upon arrival in Colorado Springs, Juniper is befriended by two of the men employed by her aunt at the lodge. Wes Andrews, with his good looks and sensitivity, draws her with his charm, while Drake Phillips, more of the mountain man type, leaves her confused, yet fascinated, by his brash manner.

Aunt Rosalee Sutton's down home acceptance touches Juniper's heart, even while she is thrust into a new way of thinking and encounters far-out people and ideas at the Rainbow Majestic Lodge, a healing and light center.

Having been converted from a successful hunting resort, the Rainbow Majestic now caters to light workers and is preparing for its semi-annual wholistic fair as Juniper agrees to set up and manage the lodge's new gift shop. At the same time, she absorbs a huge dose of metaphysical philosophy through books and interaction with various characters in the novel.

From the somewhat promiscuous massage therapist, Clover Wolff, to the energetic, overzealous handwriting analyst, Taffi Kincaid, Juniper piles up new friendships that also include the Goth-leaning eccentric awakener, Starla Streber, and the elderly couple, Cyril Jorgensen and Celeste Birdwell, the former of whom is an outspoken writer and teacher of all things spiritual.

Then there is Lance Leachfield, the Majestic's bookkeeper, and his look-alike wife, Nadine, who works in the kitchen. Their home-schooled nine-year-old son, Max, is pertinent in showing Juniper all the secret passageways that lead into the old, forbidden, burnt section of the lodge, where a ghost is rumored to haunt the damaged auditorium.

Aunt Rosalee's stepdaughter, Gena Sutton Howard, is Juniper's first cousin, and sets herself up from the beginning to challenge Juniper every step of the way. However, Gena's psychic ability uncovers something she'd rather not know about the young woman from Kansas, and the lodge's dark secrets begin to overpower her.

Will Juniper ever discover who really killed her father, and at what price? Will Wes ever be bold enough to love her, or any woman, for that matter? Why is it that Gena wants her so badly to leave? And what about her suppressed feelings toward Drake? What will happen to the Rainbow Majestic Lodge if Aunt Rosalee files for bankruptcy?


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