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The Diary

EXCERPTED from  Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Teenage Soul
edited by Arielle Ford, Penguin Putnam Inc. (2000)

This short story appears in the section "Visions, Premonitions and Special Abilities."

In January 1968, when I was fifteen years old, my grandmother made her transition following a long illness. I had just been privileged with a bedroom all to myself in the basement of our house, a room where I found solitude and escape from the distracting activities of my parents, two younger sisters, and a brother. It was there that a strange kind of "premonition" took place on January 10, exactly one week -- to the moment -- before my grandmother's death.

I had started keeping a diary two years earlier. It was kept in a hidden box in my dresser drawer. I used it to express many of the emotions I was experiencing. It also proved to be a perfect record of the incident that would occur.

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