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Rainbow Majesty
by Ann Ulrich Miller

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Web Dreams

A secluded hunting lodge converted into a spiritual retreat in the heart of Colorado's mountains is the setting for Rainbow Majesty, a novel of romantic suspense.

Juniper Sutton never knew the truth about her father's death. She was told it was a hunting accident, and her Uncle Fred was to blame. A letter from an aunt she didn't know existed entices her to the Rainbow Majestic Lodge in Colorado. To escape an unwanted relationship with a controlling family friend, Juniper accepts Aunt Rosalee's invitation, hoping to discover the truth about her father. But she didn't expect to meet people with new and strange ideas ... or fall in love. And now someone at Majestic Mountain wants to stop her, and has gone so far as to commit murder.


RAINBOW MAJESTY, 280 pages, ISBN 978-0-944851-32-6, $15.00 from Earth Star Publications
Available at Create Space's estore or through

Now available as ebook FOR JUST $4.00 from Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble NOOK

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