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The Annette Vetter series
by Ann Carol Ulrich

Posted on September 9, 2011 by Web Dreams

SHE'S 15, lives in the country, and likes boys... one boy in particular

There are many people who contributed to the culmination of the final version of The Mystery at Hickory Hill, the first of the Annette Vetter mystery series. My younger siblings were probably the first ones to listen to the story when I wrote the original manuscript at age 15. My teen-age friends were an inspiration to me, and their personalities are reflected in the characters of the series. Annette, of course, is the girl I always wanted to be -- bold, rational, and grounded -- but mostly a girl who had the privilege of growing up in the country.

The Secret of the Green Paint, the second book of the series, takes place in Wisconsin, Annette s and my native state, even though the first novel was situated in Colorado. At one time, I wanted to modernize Annette by making her more contemporary, but I decided the 60s time period was important in many respects, and it gives the reader a flavorful serving of that era. So much was different back then, yet so much has remained the same.

Probably my favorite is The Pouting Pumpkin Mystery, which brings ham radio into the plot surrounding a drug ring and the Homecoming scene at Ravensville High School. Because Pete Randt is too shy to ask Annette to the dance, his charming cousin Luke steps in and takes over. Now Annette is totally confused... which of the boys is she the craziest about? You'll have to read the book to find out!

In progress is the fourth book, The Legend of the Lantern, which takes place over Thanksgiving, at the Randts' farmhouse, where Annette and Penny have volunteered to baby-sit the younger children -- all seven of them -- while Pete's mother is in the hospital having her ninth child. As if it's not enough that the girls have to sleep in the attic with a ghost, they have to endure a big Wisconsin snowstorm and put up with deer poachers. Annette's mother's secret admirer also lends plenty of mystery solving for both Annette and Penny. Coming out in early November 2011!

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2008 Ann Carol Ulrich. All Rights Reserved

Annette Vetter mysteries will soon be available as ebooks -- check back soon.



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