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The Secret of the Green Paint
by Ann Carol Ulrich

Posted on August 21, 2009 by Web Dreams

TIME TRAVEL WITH ME  back to the Sixties, in this latest adventure with Annette Vetter and her friends from Ravensville High.

Chris Hilgert's family problems soon lead Annette into involvement with murder and Sue Hilgert's psycho boyfriend. Will Chris and Sue's father turn out to be the famous landscape artist, Jean Ilger? And what is so special about that mysterious green paint Chris talks about using for her art project?

About the Series:
The second book of the series takes place in Wisconsin, Annette's and my native state, even though the first novel was situated in Colorado. At one time, I wanted to "modernize" Annette by making her more contemporary, but I decided the '60s time period was important in many respects, and it gives the reader a flavorful serving of that era. So much was different back then, yet so much has remained the same.

With the start of the school year comes new faces (kids and teachers), new classes, the end of summer, and the first football game. Will Annette ever get over how Mr. Hendrickson, the new art teacher, humiliated her in class? And does she have a chance with Pete Randt, who's really kind of cute? What's the mystery in her new friend Chris's family? Annette hosts a slumber party in which five girls are terrified. Was it a neighborhood prowler or... a murderer?

ISBN 0-944851-28-2 September 2007
YOUNG ADULT FICTION -- Mystery Retail $9.95

Order the book from Earth Star Publications.



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