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The Two-Thousand Mile Journey

EXCERPTED from  Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover
edited by Arielle Ford, Penguin Putnam Inc. (2001)

This short story appears in the section "Synchronicity."

I always knew I had a divine counterpart. But I had almost given up on finding him when the Forces That Be finally brought us together. In June 1989, my husband of seventeen years decided to work in Oregon for a month. He was a government employee and this was a chance to further his career, even though it meant leaving me alone with our three children. My husband and I had never seen eye to eye on spiritual matters. He was annoyed at my involvement with UFO contactees and often voiced his displeasure with my friends and scorned my spiritual views.

You can read the detailed story of how I discovered my Twin Flame in THROUGHOUT ALL TIME, just released from Earth Star Publications.

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