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The Space Trilogy
by Ann Carol Ulrich

Posted on February 16, 2010 by Web Dreams

INTIMATE ABDUCTION, published in September 1988, begins the Space Trilogy.

OMNI Magazine calls it "a story with the human experience in mind."

In a bizarre abduction, Johanna Dobbs -- sheltered from the harshities of life by an overprotective brother -- suddenly finds her life in a turmoil. Her struggle with her own sanity strengthens her for what is to come... a journey aboard a mother ship to a planet where advanced beings plan to breed with humans to acquire their artistic abilities.

Amidst the stir of rebellion, Johanna has fallen in love with her abductor, Serassan, and must choose between Earth or a man whose appearance is not what it seems.

ISBN 0-944851-02-9
178 pages, September 1988

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RETURN TO TERRA, published in July 1994, is the sequel to Intimate Abduction.

Johanna's brother, Manley Dobbs, believes she is dead, although he still remembers a frightening dream about her being whisked away in a spaceship... Now Manley runs a UFO Contact Center in DeKalb, Illinois, where he shelters contactees and abductees, including Dorothy Myers, fresh from a terrifying experience she had on Interstate 80, and where the alluring and mysterious Kapri walks in off the street and captures his heart.

The sequel to INTIMATE ABDUCTION is described by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, world-renowned UFO abduction psychologist, as "a blend of adventure and romance, intrigue and conspiracy, compassion and courage... ETs and Humankind learning to tolerate their diversity... while seeking unity in common goals..."

After beginning their new life on Karos, Johanna and Serassan must return to Earth on a highly secretive mission to save mankind. Johanna, longing to see her brother one last time, risks her life and that of her unborn child, to return to Earth in cognito. But will they be able to stop the major catastrophe that has already begun? Contains a vital message for Humankind!

ISBN 0-944851-06-1
204 pages, July 1994

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THE LIGHT BEING, published in January 2005, is the final segment in The Space Trilogy.

Deceptive forces are once again at play, ripping families apart in a sinister plot to control Planet Earth.

A generation has passed since Johanna and Serassan returned to Earth. On Karos, after 18 years of preparations and toil, the Galactic Center for the Performing Arts is about to open. But Johanna's and Serassan's 17-year-old daughter, Crystal, feeling the rebellious urges of adolescence, would rather go into space with the Estronian fleet.

Back on Terra, Manley and Dorothy's 16-year-old son, Blake Dobbs, is not happy about his parents' sudden decision to move to the Four Corners. He meets the Light Being in what he considers to be a "lucid dream," but soon learns that "L.B." is for real when Earth enters the Photon Belt and the family gets stranded in the dark in the middle of Nebraska.

Blake's mother, Dorothy, wakes up in a concentration camp while her husband, Manley, has managed to escape the helicopters and is stumbling around in a cornfield, lost in the seemingly endless night.

The Dobbs children, meanwhile, are aboard a space shuttle, piloted by The Light Being, headed for the orbiting New Jerusalem, positioned nearby to assist Earth during its shift. His goal is to reunite with his Twin Soul... but first he must obtain a physical body.

ISBN 0-944851-23-1
304 pages, paperback, cover art by Emma O'Brian

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