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Who is
Ann Ulrich Miller...?

Posted on March 31, 2014 by Web Dreams

WELCOME to my page of literary works. I have also published under the name Ann Carol Ulrich. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Michigan State University. Originally from Monona, Wisconsin, my writing career began at age 15, with the sale of my first short story. I was born as Ann Schumacher and graduated from Monona Grove High School. I am the mother of three grown sons. My stories appear in two of Arielle Ford's anthologies, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover and Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Teen-age Soul. My favorite genre is mystery and suspense. I write novels for both adults and young people, with most of my writing reflecting my search for a higher purpose in life. For 27 years I've published a monthly metaphysical newsletter, The Star Beacon, which has an on-line PDF version. In May 2009 I returned to Colorado after living two years in southeastern Ohio. Now, four years later, I am on my way to Washington state with my partner, Doug. Life is good!


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