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Electric Mountain Lodge

One of our favorite locales is Electric Mountain Lodge, which was destroyed by a tragic explosion on March 20, 2005, caused by a propane leak. Three children died in the explosion and several people were injured and had to be air-lifted out. Located 9,200 feet above sea level, the lodge is inaccessible during winter except by snowmobile and helicopter. Situated in the mountains by Hubbard Park up Stevens Gulch Road, Electric Mountain Lodge is 18 miles from the nearest town, Paonia, Colorado. It was rebuilt by its owners and I took time to visit the new lodge last summer. Although it is somewhat smaller than the original lodge, they are serving meals in the restaurant and offer camping on the premises. I'll bet they have had a great year in 2008 with all the snow Colorado got this winter. Electric Mountain Lodge is open for business to vacationers and snowmobilers. Call (970) 929-5522.


The lodge is the setting for my novel RAINBOW MAJESTY.




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