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From a Crab's Perspective

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Posted on October 27, 2009 by Web Dreams


As I sit here waiting for inspiration to move my pen across the paper, I'm looking out the window at a November landscape. Tree limbs have been stripped of their colorful leaves and the sky is gray, thick with clouds. My house is cold and I'm wrapped in a fleece blanket, pining for the days of yesteryear when I used to have a wood stove and a comforting fire to snuggle up to.

Snow is in the forecast and it's still October as I write this. I'm thinking no, I'm not ready for snow -- I don't want winter to come yet.

But the cold weather and snowy roads are imminent. There's no stopping it. Earth's ascension is in the same way. 2012 is coming -- and soon. Are we ready for it?

How can we prepare ourselves and others for the transitional period we must face before Earth steps into the Golden Age?

We dread the hardships of winter, but we know that eventually spring will come again, and the warm days and the green life and flowers will reappear. The birds will return to uplift us with their cheerful melodies, and life will thrive anew.

Just as we prepare for those dreaded winter months by securing wood for our fireplaces, getting snow tires put on our cars, and stocking up with canned goods and Vitamin D, it is time now to prepare for any hardships of the so-called "end times," which is a misnomer, of course, because we really are not at the end of anything except perhaps the end of a troubled world as we have known it.

There are those who would stop at nothing to prevent this from happening-- dark forces that have been in control for a long, long time and do not want to see their grip dissolving because of the new energy and the Light that is moving in. These dark forces (call them what you may -- the Illuminati, the shadow government, reptilians) will cause things to be a little rough for us in the months ahead.

We must prevail. We, the light workers on Planet Earth, are a force to be reckoned with. Our hearts are in alignment and our mission is clear. We are here to help humankind step into the New Age.

Oh, what a glorious time to be alive on Planet Earth and with so much support and guidance from those who watch over us and assist us from the higher realms.

Do not despair when you begin to witness things that seem frightening. Our economy may crash, our communication systems (cell phone, computers, television and telephones) may collapse, and Lord only knows what other catastrophes may accost our society in these times of transition.

Instead of feeding the fear and falling into the trap of "survival mode," take time now to form groups among like-minded souls. Set up lines of communication among those in your circle on a telepathic level, so that when "things come down," you'll have a Plan. Maybe you can set up a "chain of communication" so that a specific friend will contact you to check on your status, and in turn you will contact the next person down the line.

It would definitely be an excellent idea to store extra food supplies and clean drinking water, in case there are shortages and grocery stores shut down. We are less likely to buy into fear and panic when we have taken the effort to prepare ourselves.

Each individual in your circle might be responsible for a specific things. One person, for example, might be a resource for health issues, another for organizing meals, another for taking care of children. Someone else might be good at providing entertainment, such as music and singing.

There could be a lot of folks who will benefit from your calm disposition and inner knowing when "Shift Happens" and there is panic in the streets. Your love and your light will create the focal point for those who will have the opportunity to awaken so that they, too, can realize that winter doesn't last forever... our ascension is imminent.


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