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From a Crab's Perspective

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Posted on October 15, 2009 by Web Dreams


The good life is when I'm back working on a much loved story. This time it's Rainbow Majesty, the novel I hope will be published next.

It's important to take some time away from your project in order to get a fresh perspective. This happens a number of times in a writer's work. Several revisions will evolve into a much greater product than jumping ahead of the game by publishing the first draft.

Rainbow Majesty is important to me right now in a different way. Like Aunt Rosalee in the story, I am starting a light center. Oh, not as grand and exotic as the one Juniper visits at Majestic Mountain... but perhaps someday just as profound. Southwest Light Center will no doubt start out as a small nonprofit, but my hopes are that someday it will blossom into something grand like the Rainbow Majestic.

I am inspired by my dear lightworker friend Honey Lee, whose dream it has been to have a light center or her own. She once owned Electric Mountain Lodge north of Paonia, Colorado, and for years she wanted to buy it back and turn it into a place for people to come and "crack the eggshell." Honey Lee is an inspirational woman so full of light and love. She may yet realize her dream.

When I'm working on Rainbow Majesty and listening to the music I've designated for it while I'm going over the pages, I think fondly of the characters in the novel, most of whom were inspired by lightworker friends I knew over the past twenty years. Naturally, I changed their names, their looks and other attributes, but the essence is there... and they will no doubt recognize themselves and maybe their friends.

Often novelists will take composites of people they know and create a unique character. This is the case with my hero, Drake Phillips, part mountain man and part pussycat! The heroine, Juniper Sutton, is a Kansas girl with no previous knowledge of the esoteric. But when she comes to the Rainbow Majestic Lodge at the invitation of Aunt Rosalee, whom she has never met, magical things begin to happen.

It's fun and satisfying to be back to a regular schedule of writing and revising. I think the first draft of a novel is probably the most exciting part, but you recall those feelings when you're busy critiquing what you've done and attempting to transform it into a worthwhile work.

I can't promise when Rainbow Majesty will be ready for publication. My goal is to find an agent who will be as excited as I am to present a lightworker novel to the world.


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