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From a Crab's Perspective

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Posted on August 7, 2011 by Web Dreams

More Changes Ahead

Life continues to be a journey. I am now looking forward to another move -- this time to Washington state. I never thought I'd leave Colorado. I returned to this beautiful state a little more than two years ago. But apparently there is more to come in a new place. And I always did have somewhat of a gypsy soul.

Doug and I spent a month in June traveling around the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. I confess I was expecting not to be that impressed... but I was. We rented a vacation apartment just outside Port Angeles, where we had a view of the Straits of Juan de Fuca. We explored Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge, traveled along the northern coast to Neah Bay and took a trek out to view Tatoosh Island. We visited the Hoh Rainforest twice and kept returning to Forks, Wash., a quaint little town not far from La Push and Rialto Beach, where we hope to make our home.

People kept saying we wouldn't like it there because it rains all the time and the sun doesn't shine like it does here in the Four Corners. But we didn't mind the rain, and in fact while we were there we hardly noticed more than a drizzle. I grew up in the Midwest and am accustomed to gray skies. What draws us the most is the diversity. You have mountains, you have ocean, you have green! The climate is not extreme like it is here at 7,000 feet. And I really have developed an affinity for the ocean.

It's interesting that for decades now I have heeded the warnings not to live on the coast because of the upcoming earth changes. I bought into the belief that one of the safest areas in the world to be, in the event of bad times, is right here in the Four Corners. Well, that still may be true. But what I've discovered is that I just don't care any more. When the time comes -- if the time comes -- I will be where I am supposed to be, whether it's inland at a safe distance or on a mountain top or in a desert.

And so begins the process of putting our two houses up for sale and packing up our things, getting rid of a lot of stuff, and planning for our future together. I am excited and impatient for all of this to happen. But I realize it will happen in its own divine time. Yes, the housing market is not that great... and it doesn't look like things are going to be better anytime soon... but people still need to live in houses and they do still move around... and Pagosa Springs, Colorado is certainly a Paradise. Both our homes are in excellent shape and will make wonderful homes for the buyers who are already on their way to us.

I am confident that when things happen, they will happen very quickly. This has happened to me before and by keeping a positive attitude and focusing on how I want my life to unfold is key to the process of manifesting a dream. We are looking for a nice place in the country somewhere in the Olympic Peninsula, and we are looking for the right people to live in our homes so we can move on. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email me. You can check out our "For Sale By Owner" offerings at this Web site:

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