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From a Crab's Perspective

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Posted on July 18, 2010 by Web Dreams


This weekend is a powerful time for Planet Earth. Apparently the energies hitting our planet right now are at a point where we are able to work with them, to create the kind of world and lives we want to have.

This weekend is significant to me personally because Saturday was my birthday. I was worried as to what kind of birthday I was going to have this year, due to all the challenges I've experienced in the last few weeks following emergency surgery and an unexpected bout of depression.

I now believe all the emotional swings I was experiencing were due to the powerful energies leading up to this date. Everyone seems to have been affected, in one way or another. Some people are completely baffled as to what is going on. Some are experiencing physical anomalies. Others are puzzled by the fact that time is passing so quickly, and many are left dangling... without the foggiest notion what is going on.

Do not take any of this personally. We are all in this together as we soar toward 2012. The idea right now is to become conscious of what is occurring. You may not understand exactly what is happening, or how... or why... but it should at least be a comfort to know that this is a natural process taking place, and that it will inevitably lead to changes for the better.

What can you do to help yourselves through this time? Be aware that we have some rough roads ahead and that we just need to ride them out the best we can, by being supportive of others, and by centering ourselves and opening our heart chakras to forgiveness and to giving and receiving love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and with love we will sail right on through these trying times.

Be grateful. You are living in a very special time! What a privilege it is to be on Planet Earth right now. Oh sure, you may be rolling your eyes and saying, "Are you kidding?" It may seem chaotic and crazy because of things going on with politics, with the environment, with our economy... but we are creating the world every moment. Your thoughts right now are most important. Instead of dwelling on what you don't have... or want... or are afraid might happen... believe that the desired world you desire is in visionary form right in front of you. Thank God for it.

Powerful affirmations work! "I AM living in a world of peace and harmony, where everyone has enough and life is wonderful!"  One of my daily affirmations goes like this: "I gratefully embrace the abundance in my life... of love, of money, of good health and fulfillment... for my contributions to the world and everyone in it."

You will be surprised once you start doing this, especially changing your thoughts and focusing on what it is you wish to create. Just think if EVERYONE did this! How it would change the world in just one moment!


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Ann Ulrich Miller

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