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From a Crab's Perspective

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Posted on July 8, 2009 by Web Dreams

I Have a Vision

WHAT IF... there were a light center here in the beautiful San Juan Valley where I live? A place where people could gather from all over to share learning experiences and develop their spirituality?

I am envisioning a retreat here in Pagosa Springs, a metaphysical center where people come for weekends or special times of the year in order to explore classes in meditation, art, writing, music, and getting in touch with their higher selves. The possibilities are endless for the kinds of seminars that could be offered, using the local talent we have here as facilitators and teachers.

I believe the Four Corners region of the United States is a magnet right now, drawing lightworkers from all over -- calling them home. This is a place where you can talk about subjects and not fear ridicule, simply because there are so many like-minded ones already in place.

Granted, I have only been a resident of Pagosa Springs for two months, but I already feel the calling to put down my roots and be the "seed" in which something worthwhile can emerge and grow. A light center! A metaphysical college, of sorts, in which anyone can attend.

Imagine flying into the small Durango airport from some location across the country, then taking a shuttle van over the beautiful mountains into this glorious valley with its ponderosa pines, mountain ranges and high vibration. That alone is inspiring.

You arrive at a motel complex, ideally located outside of town, with a view of the sky and the mountains, and that is where you spend the next few days, attending classes, listening to talks, participating in ceremonies with drumming or meditation, and cleansing your spirit with the healing energies offered by this rich climate.

One price covers just about everything -- your stay, as well as the activities that you wish to fill your days and evenings, and therapists would be available for massages, readings or healing sessions of your choice. A dining room would offer a selection of healthy and delicious foods of many varieties (and reasonably priced).

The teachers and healers that are part of this light center would all receive equal pay, with the opportunity to do extra work on the side. As a patron, you would pay one price and participate in all of the workshops and activities as desired, but if you wanted one-on-one sessions with selected teachers and healers, you could arrange it with them according to their fees and schedules.

My vision is to make this an on-going retreat. Perhaps seminars held twice a month, over weekends and to involve a growing number of spiritually minded teachers and healers who have something to give. So many right now are searching for answers and feeling the pull to be more than what they have assumed they are in the past.

If you share my dream and my vision, please feel free to contact me and we'll build this dream together. Creative manifestation is powerful! Let's build a glorious light center in the Four Corners area -- something that will be known throughout the world!

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