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From a Crab's Perspective

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Posted on April 2, 2008 by Web Dreams


This morning we saw Ryan and Trish off after they spent two nights with us after loading up all their belongings onto a moving van that will deliver their stuff to Alamosa, Colorado.

I am so sad to see them go, knowing it will be some time before I see them again. But at the same time I feel elated for them. What a high they must be on right now, heading back to their beloved mountains. One day, I too will feel that elation. But for the moment I'm having mood swings.

This is a time for new projects as well as relocating.

I'm on the brink of starting a new writing project, as the final chapter approaches on Throughout All Time, my own cosmic love story. I've written about as much as I can on it now. It was a good thing that I did, because had I waited till Ethan is no longer here, it might have been too difficult emotionally. It is not yet time to write those final pages, but at least the rest of the book is completed. In a few months I will go through it and see what can be revised.

The next project coming to the surface is Annette Vetter #4, The Legend of the Lantern. Darned if I didn't get bitten by the inspiration bug after reading the chapters I had to Ethan out loud. I knew he'd want to know about this fourth book. He has enjoyed the first three. I had started writing the first draft of The Legend of the Lantern probably thirty-five years ago. It sat in my files all this time until it was discovered again. I had virtually forgotten I had written it.

Now comes the challenge of finishing a novel I started and not really knowing what comes next. What a thrilling prospect! Working on something that excites you is what keeps the creative juices flowing. And so... once again I push aside two novels waiting to be published, in order to have the honor of living side by side with Annette this spring. Maybe it will make it easier for me as I prepare the upcoming art for Annette Vetter #3, scheduled for publication this summer.

April is here and Spring has sprung. What an exciting time to be alive.

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