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From a Crab's Perspective

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Posted on March 8, 2009 by Web Dreams


Spring came suddenly. Just a week ago it was so cold, my chickens' water dispensers were frozen in the hen house. It began to look like winter would never let go.

Then, suddenly, spring came. By Thursday of this week it had warmed up into the 60s, and by Saturday it was 75. I don't even know if my furnace came on last night... I don't recall hearing it, anyway.

So... shouldn't I be happy spring is here? It's early March, and we all know March is a tricky month. Winter's vengeance can be cruel with unpredictable weather patterns. I'm reluctant to welcome spring just yet. I'm not convinced we've seen the last of cold and snow... not after this winter.

I'm flying to Colorado in 16 days. Besides visiting my 9-month-old grandson and attending a conference, I'm going to be looking at real estate and making the decision as to where I will relocate.

That's exciting... but the fact is, I haven't sold my house here in Ohio yet. Oh, there have been some showings. But no one has come forth with an offer yet. These economic times are most likely to blame, but I still think there has to be some lucky party out there who will discover what a fantastic paradise this is... and snatch it up.

In the meantime, I see the days and weeks slipping by as spring is just around the corner, and I feel stuck. There's no way I can force a sale of my house, no more than I can expect to be hired by the first employer I applied to.

It just seems it all takes so long... change is inevitable and a part of life... and when we want it, it can't get here fast enough. On the other hand, when we least expect it, change takes us by surprise.

What's the answer? I'm not really a patient person, despite what you may have been told. I like to be in control of my situation, but I'm getting the message very clearly... "Wait for it... Relax... It's already being taken care of. Fretting only pushes it away."

Okay... (BIG sigh)... The best way to follow that advice is to forget about moving right now, forget about earning a living (though this is beginning to look critical!) and plunge right into my next writing project.


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