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The Meaning of It All
Philosophy of Ann Ulrich Miller

Posted on February 16, 2010 by Web Dreams

My beliefs continue to be challenged as I explore different avenues in life. Things I never would have dreamed would be possible for me have come into my experience, and I have begun to see many things in a new light. For instance, the way I look at UFOs is different now than what it was in the 1980s, when I was first exposed to the phenomenon. I am more critical now, more skeptical than ever, and even though I am the publisher of a UFO newsletter that goes all over the world, I tend to back off about certain things... I'm questioning more... though I still believe we are and have been visited by people on other worlds.

I am a spiritual being dwelling in a physical Earth body. But I do consider myself "Terran" and not from some other world, even though as a child I wondered if I had come from another planet. Maybe it was because I was different and saw myself as different from my peers. I respect people who are independent thinkers and do not go along with the crowd in what is "politically correct."

My political beliefs used to be strictly liberal. Lately I've been able to see that there are good qualities (as well as bad qualities) on both sides. I'm also seeing that there is corruption in every aspect of our political parties... it does not matter who is in power. I believe in our Constitution and what it stands for, and I will not tolerate anyone who tries to dismantle that. Who knows, I may have been one of those back in 1776 who helped put it all together (or so I've been told... I can only go on my feelings).

LOVE, I believe, is the most important force in the Universe. I believe in the "Law of One," which simply stated means "If you love God, you love everyone," and that includes yourself. You cannot say you love God but hate your neighbor. It is impossible, because we are ALL ONE. It is all "ONE ENERGY." What you do to others is what you do to yourself... which is what you do to God... as you and God are the same.

I am constantly searching for The Meaning of It All. That is what we do here on Earth. I think we are privileged to be here and need to see the beauty of living on this planet. There is so much JOY here, if only we can see it and appreciate it... and live it. The challenge comes in being drawn into fear... not trusting ourselves enough to know that we have all the answers already. Not being grateful enough to realize that we have the power to draw to ourselves everything we could possibly want or need, just by our thoughts, our attitudes and our love. GUIDED MEANS PROVIDED. We manifest our reality and our thoughts are extremely powerful. Holding loving thoughts constantly and staying in the Now is our greatest challenge in a world that SEEMS to be troubled. In reality, it is what we make it.


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